Goods delivery service

Choose the item you want in the German, Spainish, Polish, English, French, Italian, Lithuanian or Latvian online store, register on the Ostaeu webpage and you will be provided with the address in Germany, Spain, Poland, England, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia which you will use when ordering goods in German, Spanish, Polish, English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian online stores. The goods will be delivered to Finland within 1 - 4 workdays from the date of departure of the goods. Your parcels will be delivered to the convenient location for you via DPD courier or the nearest DPD Pickup/Itella terminal. A list of the most popular online stores in Germany, Spain, Poland, England, France, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia can be found here.


  • Delivery from all over Germany, Spain, Poland, England, France, Italy, Lithuania, and Latvia. Goods of unlimited size are delivered to our warehouse in Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Italy, England, Lithuania and Latvia from all online stores and even neighboring countries that do not even ship to Finland.
  • Fast delivery. The parcels you receive from the online stores are shipped to Finland every week and delivered within 1-4 working days.
  • Safe, easy to use. Each user has logins to a system that provides the unique user number (ID) used to order the goods. Goods are insured throughout the trip until they reach Finland. Parcels are entered into the system and the user can monitor the status changes in the account. The user is notified by e-mail of any change in status.
  • Consolidation of parcels. Order goods from different online stores and we will combine your parcels into one and pay only for their total weight.
  • Delivery cost. Shipping via our parcel forwarding platform will save you a lot. We can offer you a better price than the online store of your choice.
  • Product price, exclusivity and quality. You will buy the goods cheaper due to a high competition and high supply of manufacturers goods, quality original goods are significantly cheaper than in Finland. You will also be able to choose and purchase goods that are not available in Finland.

Goods purchase service 

You have selected the goods you want in the European online store, but having difficulties buying it? Or maybe you just need a goods purchase service? Now it's even easier! For those who want to buy goods in foreign stores, we offer a goods purchase service.

Choose the easiest way to shop in Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France Lithuania, Latvia:

  • Choose the product you like in any online store of Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Lithuania or Latvia.
  • Provide a product link and additional information on the purchase service order form.
  • Within 24 hours get the final price offer.
  • After you confirm the order and pay for it - we will make the purchase of goods for you.

*Ostaeu is an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and provides goods purchase services, so we create an invoice only for the purchase service. An invoice for the product you have purchased is issued to you by the foreign store that sells it. Please note that the invoice for the product is issued only to individuals in the name of the person who placed the order.

**The price of delivery of the product from Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Lithuania or Latvia is not included in the price offer - it will be calculated upon receipt of the product in the Ostaeu warehouse according to the standard Ostaeu delivery rates.

Additional services in Poland


  • Pickup from In Post 24/7 parcel terminal in Suwałki. IMPORTANT. If you choose goods delivery method to a parcel terminal in Poland, the parcel receiver's information will automatically only include the name of the parcel terminal. Therefore, if you choose this delivery method, it is NECESSARY to send the parcel tracking number and your OstaEU ID to customer service. Otherwise, your parcel may end up in unidentified parcels.
  • Picking up of large parcels from popular stores and supermarkets
  • Service for shipment of parcels to recipients in Poland
  • Possibility of storage of parcels in Poland